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STLE-D Grant Develops Principals

The $100,073 STLE-D grant funded program will utilize two Principal Leaders to implement a plan to prepare promising district staff to become principals in the future and create an administrator development strategy that can be maintained by the district after the grant period ends.
Goals include establishing a mentor program where the two Principal Leaders work to develop and mentor existing principals and assistant principals and prepare two Teacher Leaders for future roles as district administrators.
The ultimate goal is to implement a model schools program where the two principal leaders, working collaboratively with the superintendent, grant manager, and teacher leaders will showcase best practice. Other building administrators will spend quality visits in the model school to better learn how to manage and support a professional learning community in their assigned buildings.
The district has partnered with the University at Buffalo to recruit teacher leaders who are aspiring administrators. Teachers chosen will receive internship experience within the model schools one day per week and will successfully participate in the administrative program at the University.