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NT Prom Boutique Gives Away Free Prom Dresses to HS Girls; Seeks Dress Donations

Three years ago, Brenda Hoffman, a middle school classroom assistant, and Cheryl McMahon, Board of Education President, had a thought that every girl deserves to go to their prom.
The two women have taken it upon themselves to collect gently used and new prom gowns, shoes, purses and jewelry to make the district’s young ladies’ dreams of an enchanted evening come true.
“We know that homecoming and senior prom dresses can make quite a dent in the wallet since we both have daughters and we decided to start the NT Prom Boutique,” says Mrs. Hoffman. “We know people who had to borrow dresses for their daughters and students who had to decide whether they were buying a prom dress or a graduation cap and gown. We felt strongly that no one should miss out on either one of these rites of passage. So far we have collected 300-400 prom gowns for any student, regardless of their financial status, who wants to go to the homecoming dance or the prom. We are also hoping to get enough caps and gowns for all our graduates as well.”

Mrs. Hoffman stresses that the gowns are free of charge to anyone who wants one. “Being mothers to two daughters, we know the costs associated with senior year and this is why we started the Prom Boutique to help defray the expense when it comes to prom and graduation. I am sure with college and career aspirations the money could be used elsewhere. I think we are a well-kept secret and encourage students or their families to reach out to us if they want to take a look at our inventory,” says Mrs. Hoffman. “We have some beautiful items and we would be glad to help these young ladies have a night to remember.

For more information you can contact them at, or Brenda Hoffman at 695-2101 or Cheryl McMahon at 909-3823.