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A Chilly Visit to Québec City 2015

Quebec Over the Martin Luther King weekend, French students of Lucia Wilson traveled to Québec City, Canada to experience firsthand French Canadian language and culture.
The group, consisting of 35 students in levels 3, 4 and 5 along with teacher chaperones Susan Cholewa, Travis Wilson, administrator Kristopher Clester, and additional adult chaperones Jo Keem and Elise Bors, boarded an overnight coach bus on Friday and arrived in Québec City on Saturday morning.  A walking tour (with temperatures nearing –30 degrees F. including the wind chill factor) acclimated the students to the Old Walled City.  They saw the Parlement, the Citadelle, Place Royale, Notre Dame des Victoires Church (the oldest on the continent!) and of course the stoic Chateau Frontenac Hotel overlooking the Saint Lawrence River along with several other monuments commemorating important events in Québec history.
The group went to a sugar shack to enjoy a typical French Canadian dinner and to learn how maple syrup is made.  They had the opportunity to enjoy maple taffy made on snow!  They participated in traditional dancing, songs and learned to play the spoons.  Additionally, the group experienced an outdoor Icecothèque, dancing under the stars on a dance floor made of ice and snow!
On Sunday, the group toured up the Beaupré Coast, stopping at one of the oldest farm houses on the continent for breakfast featuring a delicious maple spread on toast. Our next stops were Saint Anne de Beaupré Church, a woodcarver shop to hear some legends of Québec, and then the students had a dog sledding experience.  They also had a chance to try snowshoeing.  Sunday evening was spent at a snow park where everyone enjoyed snow tubing, ice skating, and snow rafting!  This is always the highlight of the trip!  This venue doubles as a water park during the summer months in case anyone is interested in traveling up there to check it out in warmer weather!

Quebec Before heading home on Monday morning, the group enjoyed a crepe breakfast before they visited the famous Ice Hotel just outside of Quebec City. The entire structure is made out of ice and snow. The theme of this hotel changes yearly, with this year’s theme being “Time and Space”. Each suite is unique and represents a different time era.

Throughout the trip, students had the opportunity to put their language skills into practice, as Québec City is 95 percent French-speaking.  Our students represented themselves, our school, our community and our country in a very positive manner.  We are grateful for the opportunity extended by parents and the Board of Education for this worthwhile educational endeavor.  Merci beaucoup for allowing us to create memories that will last a lifetime!