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NTHS French Students Write Business Letters to France

During the 2020-21 school year, NTHS students in French 5 were tasked with writing a business letter to a French company. At least two successful responses were returned to the students!

Lactalis, a French company and the world's largest dairy manufacturer, sent each of Sue Cholewa's students a wheel of brie. French student Caleb Thoms - who is passionate about history and politics - decided instead to write to President Emmanuel Macron to see if he would virtually visit the class. While he declined, he did send a letter and a book about the Élysée Palace, which is equivalent to the White House.

"It has been an interesting year, but this class was a pleasure to teach and embraced creative projects that kept us engaged and showed that a second language is a powerful tool to have in life," Cholewa noted.

Student with cheese

Above: Sarah DiNardo with cheese.

Student with cheese

Above: Joe Kelly with cheese.