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Attention 8th Grade Students

Would you like to build a Trebuchet that tosses a pumpkin several hundred feet?

Battlebot Trebuchet Or build a bridge structure that can withstand being crushed by ten times its own weight or maybe a battlebot that can disable another? Maybe you’d rather see some famous Frank Lloyd Wright homes or visit the University of Buffalo’s Earthquake Center. Do you want to find out what it’s like to work at a top architectural company like Cannon Design, Kideney Architects or Wendel Engineers? This is a small list of the many activities that the students in the Academy of Engineering and Architecture experience. If this sounds like something you are interested in then now is the time to apply to the Academy of Engineering and Architecture.

The Academy of Engineering and Architecture creates interest for students in the engineering and architectural fields. This quality program is designed specifically for students to better prepare them to succeed in college and beyond. The curriculum contains specific courses required at each grade level. The effort of acting as a team gives the academy students a concentration in problem solving activities. Because of our class structure, many students are more likely to take AP science and AP math classes. Students are required to take other relevant courses in Technology, Art and Business. This includes CAD, Design and Drawing for Production, Principles of Engineering, and Computer Programming, just to name a few.

Students also participate in fun, competitive activities. Many are involved in Science Olympiads, the Abate Bridge Building contest, NCCC Tech Wars, ECC Tech Wars, and the Great Pumpkin Trebuchet Launch. We are involved with Habitat for Humanity. Students that are 16 years and older participate and help with renovations for families purchasing a city of Buffalo home. The students are always very eager to participate in Habitat again.

Students are required to take part in a 54 hour internship at a company that is their likely area of interest. Every year some of our students are hired after the unpaid internship is done because the business is very happy with the results of the internship. The vast majority of Academy graduates have been accepted into their college of choice because of their extra-curricular involvement.

The academy of Engineering and Architecture gives our students extra opportunities with academically focused coursework, community involvement, field trips, and internships to better prepare for college. The cooperative learning situation provides the group a sense of community and identity. Obviously, we are very proud of our Academy students and know that we have a very successful program.

Don’t be one of those students that regrets not applying. Applications are due March 28th.

See your guidance counselor. You can find more information on the high school website at