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German Exchange Tradition Continues at NTHS

North Tonawanda High School has been partnered with the Gymnasium Schenefeld  (“Gymnasium” is the German word for “High School”) since 2006. In that time, over 50 students have participated in the program, which connects students with families in each community and provides them with the opportunity to learn the language, culture, attend school and go on excursions to nearby sights and cities.

Exchange students with NT hosts
This school year, 16 German students, accompanied by their teachers Frau Mechthild Hahne and Frau Taija Korbik, arrived at the Buffalo/Niagara Airport at the end of September. They were greeted by their North Tonawanda host families. For the next 18 days, the students spent time with their host families and participated in traditional fall events in Western New York. They attended high school classes, shadowing their host siblings. They also took excursions to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto and the Niagara Gorge. The NTHS Science Department graciously offered to include the German students and their host siblings on their annual trip to the Gorge.

Exchange students and their host families were treated to a party by the Bauerlein family and a bowling party by the Koslowski family.

The exchange concluded on Oct. 17 when the German students departed NTHS for the airport. Judging by the long farewells and more than a few tears, lasting friendships were made. NTHS students will have the chance to continue to grow these friendships when they visit Germany, escorted by NTHS German teachers Robert Lucas and Christopher Heyer, at the conclusion of the 2013-2014 school year.
Both Mr. Lucas and Mr. Heyer would like to thank the Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff and, especially the host families in North Tonawanda who continue to make this partnership between Germany and the United States a great success.