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North Tonawanda Seniors Visit Former Elementary School

The North Tonawanda City School District has a wonderful tradition for their graduating seniors. The graduates to-be spend a morning, in their caps and gowns, visiting their former elementary schools. It gives the students a chance to relive some memories, catch up with former teachers and show the current elementary students where they will be in several more years.

One group of students, Julia Miskines, Erin Sammarco, Emily Schmitt, Gabrielle Schrock and Marisa Smith, stopped into Ohio Elementary School, where they were greeted by Principal Mike Hiller, Superintendent Greg Woytila, the school's band and hallways filled with students and staff who cheered for them and wished them well in their new chapter of their lives.

Students in caps and gowns posing with school officials

Above: From left to right, Ohio Elementary Principal Mike Hiller, Superintendent Greg Woytila, Marisa Smith, Emily Schmitt, Gabrielle Schrock, Erin Sammarco and Julia Miskines.