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Fifth-Graders’ Drawings of Underground Railroad Entered in Army Corps Contest

Fifth-graders at Spruce Elementary joined together with the Army Corps of Engineers to participate in an activity celebrating Black History Month.

Cheri Zinteck taught her class a lesson on Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. After reading and learning about the Underground Railroad, the students illustrated what it would have been like to travel the Underground Railroad during that time period. These drawings were sent to the Army Corps of Engineers as part of a contest they were sponsoring during Black History Month.

The winner, chosen through a voting process by Army Corps employees, was Amelia Blake. Amelia’s artwork was returned to her, framed and accompanied by a beautiful certificate. All the other students who participated also received recognition certificates, a Frisbee, and activity booklets during a visit to Mrs. Zinteck’s class by several representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers. This was a great learning experience for the students and a nice way to build a partnership with a local community organization.


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