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North Tonawanda Elementary Schools Help to Create Safe Community through “Kids Escaping Drugs” and “D.A.R.E.” Programs

Meadow Elementary School recently celebrated two accomplishments that will aid in keeping North Tonawanda’s community healthy and safe. Meadow, along with North Tonawanda’s other elementary schools: Drake, Ohio, and Spruce, collected $3,048 in pennies for the Kids Escaping Drugs (KED) Program. A check was presented to Suzanne D’Amico, Director of Development, and Christina Kruzer, Special Events Coordinator of the Kids Escaping Drugs organization. This donation will aid area youth to break drug and alcohol addictions.

Meadow Elementary collected the most pennies for the program and Meadow’s Mrs. Jafarjian’s third grade class collected the most pennies across the District. Students collected $203.00, or 20,300 pennies for KED. They earned a party and a recognition ceremony for their efforts. To celebrate the students’ donation, Meadow teachers and social workers along with NTCSD Administrators, Patrick Holesko and Michael Tambroni, congratulated the students and thanked them for their diligence in their penny collection. In addition, City of North Tonawanda Administrative Assistant to Mayor Pappas, Peter Drossos, visited the class on behalf of the Mayor to deliver a congratulatory message to the kids.   “I am happy we were able to help people,” said one student from Mrs. Jafarjian’s class.  

Coinciding with the check presentation was the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) graduation at Meadow Elementary. Fifth grade classes proudly wore their newly earned D.A.R.E. shirts and were honored by their D.A.R.E. teacher, Officer Mendola, who routinely visited the students to teach about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and ways to prevent this misuse from occurring. During the ceremony, students shared what they learned from the D.A.R.E. program and also had the chance to individually be honored and walk the stage to collect their certificates of achievement.


Photo of Check Presentation to Kides Escaping Drugs Organization

Third grade students from Mrs. Jafarjian's class at Meadow 
Elementary presenting a check for $3,048.00 to Suzanne 
D'Amico and Christina Kruzer of the Kids Escaping Drugs 


Photo of Mrs. Jafarjian's Class giving check to Kids Escaping Drugs

Pictured is Mrs. Jafarjian’s third grade class, Mrs. Jafarjian, City of North Tonawanda 
Administrative Assistant to Mayor Pappas, Peter Drossos, Meadow teachers and social 
workers; Kids Escaping Drugs representatives, Christina Kruzer and Suzanne D'Amico; 
and NTCSD Administrators, Patrick Holesko and Michael Tambroni.


Photo of DARE Graduation

Officers honor fifth grade students for recently graduating from the 
D.A.R.E. program at Meadow Elementary School.