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FLES Student Meets with Ohio Class for First In-Person Lesson

Junior Ally Privitera wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop her from participating in Susan Cholewa’s FLES (Foreign Language at the Elementary School) program.

“I teach French at the High School, but the FLES course attracts French, Spanish and German students who wish to teach younger students what they have learned,” explains Ms. Cholewa. “When many of the students found out that there was no in-person teaching, they dropped out of the program. Ally embraced online teaching when the traditional weekly visits became impossible with COVID protocols.”

Ally made iMovies of Spanish lessons and sent them over to Ohio Elementary. She did attempt to teach virtually, but found it too difficult to coordinate times with the class. “I am so proud of Ally,” says Ms. Cholewa. “She stayed and prerecorded her lessons and they were sent weekly to Mrs. Hasley’s class. She was so happy when she was able to meet with the teacher and students for the first time recently and she got to teach in person. What an amazing moment! The pandemic changed a lot of things but not our spirit. Go NT!”

Students posing outdoors

Student with teachers