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A public school system located in Niagara County, New York, North Tonawanda provides high-quality education for pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

The district prides itself on working with parents, staff and the community to ensure that every child understands that learning extends beyond the classroom into many other activities throughout their lives. The district consists of three Elementary Schools for students in grades K-3; one Intermediate School for students in grades 4-6; one Middle School for students in grades 7 and 8; and one High School for students in grades 9-12. We offer a Universal Pre-K program, housed at Ohio School, and an Alternative High School. We offer a broad range of other activities such as arts, athletics, chorus, drama, music programs, character education, service learning and more.

The North Tonawanda City School District believes that all students upon graduation will have responsibility, possess positive self-esteem, have value for citizenship and a lifelong interest in learning. The North Tonawanda City School District provides opportunities for students to excel academically, physically, socially, emotionally and culturally.


  • Seven buildings
    • 3 elementary schools
    • 1 pre-K site (housed in Ohio Elementary)
    • 1 intermediate school
    • 1 middle school
    • 1 high school
    • 1 administration building
  • Pupil enrollment
    • 3,263
  • Budget
    • $85,120,000
  • Number of teachers
    • 287 full- and part-time
    • 18 guidance counselors and social workers
  • Number of support staff
    • 201 full- and part-time
  • Number of administrators
    • 22
  • Number of Transportation employees
    • 45


Gregory J. Woytila, Superintendent of Schools
Debra Bundt, Secretary to the Superintendent / District Clerk

North Tonawanda City School District
176 Walck Road
North Tonawanda, New York 14120-4097
Phone: 716-807-3500
Fax: 716-807-3525

High School:

Bradley Rowles, Principal
Joseph M. Pray, Assistant Principal
Rachel Ross, Assistant Principal
Rachel Wagner, Assistant Principal/Attendance 

HS Office: 716-807-3600
HS Fax: 716-807-3639
HS Attendance: 807-3649 (last names A-L) or 807-3616 (last names M-Z)
HS Counseling: 716-807-3642
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Middle School:

Josh Janese, Principal
Scott Mueller, Assistant Principal 

MS Office: 716-807-3700
MS Fax: 716-807-3701
MS Attendance: 716-807-3716
Daily Homework Assignments: 716-807-3720
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Intermediate School:

Gregory Burgess, Principal
Jacquelyn Coyle, Assistant Principal

Office: 716-807-3825
Fax: 716-807-3835
Health Office: 716-807-3828
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Drake Elementary:

Janet Matyevich, Principal

Office: 716-807-3725
Fax: 716-807-3726
Health Office: 716-807-3732
District Directory: 716-807-3655 

Ohio Elementary:

John Steckstor, Principal

Office: 716-807-3800
Fax: 716-807-3801
Health Office: 716-807-3802
District Directory: 716-807-3655

Spruce Elementary:

Lindsey Turner, Principal

Office: 716-807-3850
Fax: 716-807-3858
Health Office: 716-807-3854
District Directory: 716-807-3655