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UB Dental School Students Talk Teeth Health with Drake Students

Two first-year dental students from the University at Buffalo recently spent some time with students at the Drake Elementary School.

The students were Emily Schultes and Joe Molisani. Emily said, “Today is Smile Education Day, so it’s a program that we do. We go to local schools to teach third and fifth graders about oral hygiene habits and how to take care of their mouths.”

Mr. Molisani added, “We talk to them about what to eat and not to eat. How their parents should be helping out to make sure they are taking care of their oral hygiene correctly and how it affects your overall health.”

School Nurse, Rita Weaver, said that that she thinks it was a great presentation. “I think it is very beneficial because it teaches the kids about how to care for their teeth. Their teeth stay with them for life.”

UB Dental School students with Drake students

UB Dental School students