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CTE Students Talk BOCES Programs with North Tonawanda Middle School

Some of the North Tonawanda students at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center spent a morning at the North Tonawanda Middle School talking about their programs with students for the school’s annual career fair.

Ashley Rogers (Health Occupations Technician), Sam Taylor (Conservation), Jake Perkins, Alyssa Kissel, Natalie Prims and Olivia Waterson (Security and Law Enforcement), Kaitlynn Miller and Tiffany Cracknell (Cosmetology), Michael Bogdan and Lexi Brosius (Culinary), Jason Bronschidle and Logan Carozzolo (Certified Personal Trainer), Peter Marchenko (Auto Mechanics), Robert Meyer (Welding), Mike Finn (Building Trades), Kayleigh Kneitinger and Laure Kyle (Early Childhood Education), Christian Riley (EMS) and Jared Martin (Cyber Security) volunteered with teachers Amber Croff (Security and Law Enforcement), Pauline Carney (Cosmetology), Lisa Cook (Culinary) and John Jeckovitch (Auto Mechanics).

picture of students