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North Tonawanda CSD Staff Raises Money for Ukraine

Ohio Street English as a New Language teacher Elisabeth Gerber, like many around the world, wanted to do something to help the people of Ukraine.  “We have a very large population of Ukrainians here in North Tonawanda and in our schools.  Many of them have family still there.  It hit home for a lot of us because of what they are going through there.” 

Ms. Gerber found out through a coworker that one of the local churches who has been working with an organization that is sending money and supplies to the country.  She asked Superintendent Greg Woytila if they could start a dress down day on Wednesdays or if staff could wear blue and yellow (the colors of Ukraine flag) and use it as a fundraiser to collect money for the church.  “He very graciously agreed and we have had staff across the district donate everything from $3 to $100,” says Ms. Gerber.  “The church is sending the money to Moldova to provide shelter and food for the refugees.  We were able to collect $2,925.77 to send to them and they were very grateful to us.” 

“The staff has been amazing at our district,” says Ms. Gerber.  “We are hearing stories from our parents about what their families are going through right now, so how can we not feel closely connected to this?  It has been overwhelming the support we have gotten for this effort and I would like to thank everyone who contributed.”