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K-6 parents can give input for their child's 2020-21 placement

There are a number of factors taken into account when placing students for the following school year. These factors include academic capability, learning styles, work/study habits, social needs, special education placement, and gender ratios.

Before the start of a new school year, a building team meets to review all relevant factors and recommends a placement for the following year. This team includes your child’s present teacher. Our goal in this process is to place each child in an educational environment most conducive to successful learning. We also believe that you, as parents, can provide us with important information about your child, which may help us in determining a placement.

With that in mind, you may submit information that the building team can consider while making placements. Classroom Placement Forms, listing a specific teacher’s name, will not be considered.

Please download and fill out the Parent Placement Form to submit your input for your child's class placement. The deadline for these forms to be submitted to the elementary building principals is May 1, 2020.

We will give your input serious consideration during the placement process. However, due to staff/building assignments and additional factors, the final decision rests with the building team.