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High Schoolers Take Part in Student Government Day

A total of 20 High School students spent time touring City Hall and the police station and having lunch at the Hope Center as part of the annual Student Government Day. The students had the chance to shadow their city officials on their jobs, and in the evening, they participated in a Council meeting on behalf of the officials they were partnered with.

The day gave students a look into the role that government plays in the lives of North Tonawanda citizens every day. The event was organized by Alex Domaradzki, Director of Youth, Parks and Recreation, and Kimberly Kouzan from NTHS.

Participating students included Cole Axberg, Blake Behm, Heather Behm, Ethan Clark, Samantha DalPorto, Vincent Dellavalle, John Evans, Eric Freeman, Jenna Hebeler, Alyssa Juliano, Michelle Lemke, Rachel Marillo, Tammy Marillo, Matt Martin, Madison McKie, Joshua Pawlik, Lindsay Rhodes, Hannah St. Cyr, Casey Trombley and Rion Uschold.

Students with city officials

Students with city officials