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NTI Girls Participate in "Girl Power" Volleyball Tournament

Forty of our fifth-grade girls enjoyed time on the volleyball court, learning about the sport, playing, and forming lasting friendships.

Professor Gail Tylec and the Niagara County Community College Foundation received a "Girl Power" Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation Legacy Grant to promote and grow the sport of youth volleyball in Niagara County by following the outcomes of the “Sport for All, Play for Life” research. Fifth-grade girls from North Tonawanda Intermediate and 30 girls from Hyde Park Elementary in Niagara Falls were selected to participate in this pilot.

The participants received 6 weeks of developmentally appropriate instruction after school in volleyball culminating with a friendship tournament between the two schools that was held in the NCCC main gym on Dec. 12. The girls received t-shirts, knee pads and volleyballs so that they could continue their sport appreciation after the conclusion of the program.

We are grateful to Gail Tylec and the Wilson Foundation for affording this opportunity to our NTI students!

Girls playing volleyball

Girls playing volleyball

Girls in front of volleyball net

Girls posing with certificates