• Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support organizes North Tonawanda Middle School around how decisions are made, how students get behavioral support and how systems are put in place to support staff to ensure the sustained use of best practices school-wide.

    Key Points
    • P.B.I.S. is a proactive systems approach to promoting and teaching positive behaviors in the school environment. 

    • P.B.I.S. emphasizes an instructional approach to discipline.

    • Behavioral expectations are taught directly, practiced, and reinforced – just like academics. 

    • School-wide behavioral expectations are posted throughout the building and are based on the matrix.
    • ‘Cool Tools,’ or lesson plans, are provided to guide classroom instruction and to practice positive behaviors and choices.
    • Teachers spend less time on disciplining negative behaviors and more time on teaching content areas and meeting the NYS learning standards.
    • The emphasis is on continuous, data-driven improvement in student behavior and a systematized referral process.
    • Incentives are provided to allow all students to succeed and to focus on positive behaviors.