• Welcome to Spruce School Social Work Department


    My Name is Christopher Janicki-Howe, students refer to me as Mr. Janicki. I am a licenced Master of Social Work. I have been with the district for 2 years now. Prior to working in North Tonawanda City School District I trained at the Child Advocacy Center in Erie County providing clinical counseling for children (ages 4-18) and their families. In college I was lucky enough to intern at Spruce Elementary School as a Special Friend in the Social Work Department. I am happy to be back at Spruce as I feel I have returned home. 

Counseling Space in Social Work Office
Counseling space in Social Work Office
Counseling Space
  • What takes place in the Social Work office? 

    Depending on your childs needs the Social Worker will create a individualized theraputic plan to adress the needs of your child.

    What type of therapy is used? 

    Child-Centered Play Therapy

    How do I get my child into the Special Friends program? 

    Contact the Social Worker in the building and a permission form can be sent home.

    How long is Special Friends? 

    It runs the entire school year.