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    Our district believes it is important for students to become contributing members of the community. Participation in service-learning activities helps students develop a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, foster self-esteem and enhance career awareness. 
    In 2006, the NT Board of Education adopted a policy requiring students to complete 30 hours of participatory service-learning before graduating from high school. The expectation is that students complete a minimum of 7.5 hours of approved activities during each of the four years of high school to remain on target for completing the 30-hour service-learning graduation requirement.

    Students may complete all 30 hours at any time prior to graduation.  It is highly recommended that this be accomplished before the senior year.  Seniors typically have less time to spare due to being consumed with academic demands, working, internships, college decisions, and senior year events (prom, etc.).  We encourage students to continue to volunteer beyond the 30 hour requirement.  Many colleges review service learning hours as part of admission criteria.  There are also many scholarship opportunities related to service learning. 

    Use the links below for complete information on the program.



    Service Learning Information
    Service Learning Approval/Submission Form 
    Reflection Statement Form

    Pre-Approved Agency List               


    For more information about the Service Learning Program contact the program coordinator through schoology messaging.


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