• Blue Ribbon Committee

    Blue Ribbon Capital Improvement Project Committee
    The District recognizes the need for assistance from the school and community to guide the scope of work for the approved Capital Improvement Project. 

    The Superintendent's Blue Ribbon Capital Improvement Project Committee has been established 
    with committee members representing the various components of the North Tonawanda City School District. Committee members will represent: taxpayers, parents, students, teachers, support staff, administrators, businesses, and senior citizens. The individuals on the committee were selected based on recommendations from the Home School Associations, Board of Education members, the Superintendent and others.

    The committee will be asked to make a recommendation to the Superintendent as we update them as to the progress of the capital project. A two-year commitment is expected.
    Although the committee members will represent different constituencies, it will work as a team in recommending what they view to be in the best interest for the school district as a whole. The committee will meet as many times as they deem necessary to achieve their charge.