• Academy of Information Technology What is the Academy of Information Technology?

    The Academy of Information Technology is a program of study that introduces students to the broad career opportunities in today’s digital workforce. The program equips students with personal, analytical, technical and communication skills needed for success. By providing a new context for learning, the academy helps build the motivation, confidence, and sense of personal worth that will lead students of all backgrounds to success. The academy serves students of all abilities; the program has proven particularly effective for those who desire to be challenged through the use of technology. The Academy of Information Technology is a school within a school that links students with peers, teachers, and community partners.   The academy features a four-year academic program that is built around standard curricula (Regents).  In addition to their required courses, Academy of Information Technology students will take a series of specialized courses.  The IT Academy is structured to give students the opportunity to pursue a focused area of exploration; that being a computer science path or a digital media communications path.


    Our Vision

    To provide highly-qualified graduates who are prepared for college and for careers in information technology.

    Contact the Academy

    Academy Director
    Barbara Sattelberg
    807-3600, ext. 1224

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