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    North Tonawanda's Academy of Business and Finance

    This four-year program offers students the opportunity to participate in an enhanced curriculum that provides practical business and financial knowledge, challenging coursework and on-the-job experiences. The Academy is a  "school within a school" where graduating students are prepared to enter the working world in an entry-level business or financial position and are equipped to successfully complete a university or college degree program.
    The advantage of this program is three-fold:  knowledge, experience and college credit.

    Knowledge: Academy students gain 
    a solid business and financial education, an understanding of sound business practices and corporate workplace etiquette standards.

    Experience: Academy students take part in an internship to build practical on-the-job experiences in the business and financial industry.

    College Credit: Several of the courses in the academy program are available for college credit with a small fee. The ability to offer these programs helps to defray the cost of college. Also, there are several colleges that work with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) to give college credit JUST for completing the academy program!   

    This combination of knowledge, experience and the ability to earn college credit while still in high school provides Academy graduates a competitive advantage over most other high school graduates.

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    with the National Academy Foundation

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    Academy Director:
    Mrs. Laurie Widman
    716-807-3600 x1225

    Mrs. Annette Follendorf
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