Mission Statement

  • North Tonawanda High School Mission:
    NTHS is committed to empowering our students to reach their fullest potential by cultivating a community of lifelong learners who think critically about the world around them.


  • North Tonawanda High School Vision:
    Students at NTHS will reach their academic and social emotional goals through an inclusive learning environment.


  • North Tonawanda High School Vision:

    • Perserverance
      • We believe in trying hard and continuously in spite of obstacles and difficulties 
    • Confidence
      • We believe in our mission and trust in our own abilities and accomplishments
    • Community
      • We believe we can create a stronger future for our students when we work together
    • Empathy
      • We believe in putting ourselves in each other's shoes to understand what drives us all
    • Knowledge
      • We believe in continuous learning and in always seeking to understand
    • Inclusion