Mission & Beliefs


    The Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs are overarching goals for all staff and students to strive toward! Embedded within those are the following specific to curriculum and character development areas that work to develop a well-rounded lifelong learner.

    • An Understanding of Systems
      Students will possess the ability to understand and apply systems of reasoning and logic to solve problems and create new concepts.

    • Communication Skills
      Using the standards and conventions of written and spoken English, students will read, write, listen and speak clearly, confidently and effectively for information and understanding, for critical analysis and evaluation, for literary response and expression, and for social interaction.

    • Cultural and Artistic Awareness
      Students will know, recognize, and understand artistic, cultural, and intellectual accomplishments of past and present civilizations, and will have the skills for personal artistic expression.

    • Environmental Stewardship
      Students will understand the ecological and economic consequences of choices in the use of the environment and natural resources.

    • Global Understanding
      Students will be able to understand, analyze, compare, contrast, and evaluate political, economic, and social systems, past and present, of this country and other countries.

    • Technological Skills
      Students will understand the use of diverse technologies in personal academic, and work environments to compete in a global economy and to enhance the quality of life.

    • The Ability to Acquire and Use Information
      Students will possess the ability to locate, manage, evaluate, integrate, and expand information using a variety of print and non-print resources and information facilities.

    • Career Preparation
      Students will be able to identify career and employment opportunities related to their aptitude and interest and will be prepared to enter upon post/secondary education and/or career level employment.

    • Citizenship
      Students will possess the skills, knowledge, understanding, and attitudes necessary to participate in our democratic society.

    • Interpersonal Relationship Skills
      Students will have the skills and understanding of how to work cooperatively as a contributing member of a group.

    • Life-Long Learners
      Students will be self-directed learners having the motivation, capacity and skills for under-taking new studies and synthesizing new knowledge and experiences.

    • Problem Solving
      Students will use intellectual skills critically and creatively for analysis, synthesis, and evaluation when planning and developing goals, solving problems and making decisions.

    • Social Responsibility
      Students will take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate ethical behavior towards self and others.

    • Wellness
      Students will possess the knowledge and responsibility needed for physical, intellectual, and emotional wellness in their daily lives.