• Welcome to Mrs. Sanders' Web Page

    As a special education consultant teacher, I have the honor of working with your children in the areas of reading, writing  and mathematics. I work with a small group of children for intensive instructional periods. The goals that are written on your childrens' IEPs (Individualized Educational Plans)  guide my instruction along with the common core. It is very valuable for the parents, classroom teachers, and related service professionals to work closely together. This ensures that we are meeting the needs of our students and to maximize their learning and help them to reach their goals.  

    • Building sight word vocabulary (immediate recognition)
    • Decoding skills (skills and strategies for figuring out unknown words)
    • Comprehending (understanding what is read)     
    • Writing Composing stories, letters, question/answer essays and reports
    • Editing for capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar


    • Understanding numbers
    • Adding and Subtracting
    • Multiplication and Division
    • Using math language to demonstrate knowledge of concepts
    • Applying problem solving strategies


    student with a backpack walking