• The North Tonawanda City School District believes in insuring a safe and nurturing learning environment for all its students. The Adult Awareness for Child Safety video includes awareness, education, and training designed to protect children from wrongdoing, negligence, and sexual abuse. The target audiences are employees, volunteers, and other caring adults. Our district uses the video to enhance our Mandated Reporter training to insure that all adults who work with children in our district are aware of the warning signs of sexual abuse. 


    As part of our district’s policy regarding school volunteers, any university student, parent, or adult wishing to volunteer in our schools is required to view this 36 minute video created by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services. In addition, all classroom teachers, aides, all substitute personnel and coaches are required to view the yearly video as well.  In all that we do, the safety of our district’s children is the utmost priority.