• $48 Million Capital Project at NO COST to the Taxpayers
    "Keeping our Commitment to Students, Staff, and Community"

    The North Tonawanda City School District's vision is "to be a leader in public education by providing the best opportunities for students to achieve academic and personal excellence."

    In order to provide these opportunities, the District must continue to provide our children with the programs and facilities necessary to succeed within the financial realities of the community. This includes repairs and upgrades to current school buildings as well as improvements to health, safety, security, instruction and a ten classroom addition at NT Middle School. The District also needs to address the limited technology infrastructure available in order to operate an updated technology program in the schools. Until more is done in the areas of technology, the students will be at a competitive disadvantage against those from other districts.

    The development of this proposal follows an intensive study of the District's facilities that pointed out instructional, safety, technology and infrastructure areas that needed to be addressed. The NYS Education Department rated all of the District buildings as unsatisfactory for various reasons based on the 2005 BUILDING CONDITION SURVEY. The school buildings in our District range form 40-84 years old and many portions of the physical plant are outdated or in need of repair. This proposed Capital Project is Phase 1 and does not address all of the renovation needs that were found, but focuses on the highest priority items that require immediate attention and will have the most long-term benefits for our students and community. This study and the ensuing Capital Improvement Project had been identified as the North Tonawanda Board of Education's top priority for the 2007-08 school year.

    On April 22, 2008, North Tonawanda residents overwhelmingly approved this proposed Capital Improvement Project for NT High School, NT Middle School, and Meadow, Ohio, Spruce, Drake, Gilmore and Grant Elementary Schools. The overall cost of this project is $48 Million and can be done at NO COST to the Taxpayers because it will be funded through EXCEL Aid, State Building Aid and the District's Capital and Technology Reserves.