Student Services

  • The North Tonawanda City School District is committed to making sure that all students receive a quality education that meets their individual needs.

    A variety of Student Services are provided to ensure that students may fully profit from their school learning experiences. Services are provided directly to students through the school Counseling Center or indirectly through teachers, parents, administrators, and community agencies.

    The success of the NTCSD Student Services Program is dependent on a team approach of teachers and student services personnel, supported by the school’s administrative and supervisory staff. The student services staff includes personnel from the areas of school counseling, health, speech, psychology, social work, and special education who have specialized skills that support classroom teachers in providing an effective learning climate. Personnel from each area offer unique contributions to the total development of the child.

    The team approach used by the NTCSD ensures that the professional expertise of the staff will be coordinated to provide maximum assistance to the learner.

    Contact the Student Services Office

    Michael Tambroni
    Director of Student Services