• Web-To-Home Communication Tools


    The technology offered through our district Web site allows us to expand our communication methods to parents, staff and the community. 


    We now offer two new communication options:


    • Register for E-Alerts and Text Message Notifications: With this system you can register to receive district broadcast emails of general school notifications, special events, announcements, emergency closings and other timely information. Registered users can choose to receive these notices by e-mail or a text message. Emergency notices will be sent to all users; both email and text. This messaging service is available to staff, parents or any community member with a valid email address.
    • Subscribe to Web Site Pages: You can receive a notification when new content has been posted. You have to choose the pages you want to receive updates on. You decide which Web sections are most important to you. Use the Directions to learn how to go back into your profile and subscribe.
    Get Started:

    Step 1:  Register to Create an Account.

    Step 2:  Subscribe to Web Pages.
    It's easy to sign up! Use our step-by-step Directions.