• Welcome to the NTCSD STEM(a) website. The North Tonawanda City School District is committed to providing equity and access to 21st century technology for all Lumberjacks! This is accomplished through our STEM(a) initiative. What is STEM(a)? STEM(a) stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The (a) shows the districts focus on using Art to enhance the four STEM modalities. We write STEM(a) as a mathematical expression in order to represent that enhancement.

    In the primary buildings, the WozEd Career Pathway curriculum is taught in the STEM(a) and computer special. This program is housed in the Discovery Den found in each of our primary buildings. Instruction in nine of the WozEd career pathways is taught by our teaching assistants who are supervised by our STEM(a)/technology integrator TOSA. 

    At the North Tonawanda Intermediate Building, students participate in STEM(a) instruction through a technology special taught by Mr. Christmann. He instructs students in grades 4 through 6. Seven of the WozEd Career Pathways are taught along with other units which align with the Next Gen Learning Standards for NYS. The STEM(a) curriculum in the technology special is enhanced with other skills and activities that are available through the STEM(a) lab called the Innovation Station. Teachers sign up to have their classes work with the STEM(a) TOSA and/or the BOCES Technology Integrator on such topics as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Drone Flight, to name a few.

    NTMS is the home to one of WNY's first middle school Drone programs. Students selected for the Drone program begin learning not only how to pilot Tello, Sigma, and DJI Mavic 3 Mini drones, but also the laws pertain to their operation. Each cohort of the Drone program will move on to the high school program. Upon turning 16, these students will ultimately be eligible to take the FAA Part 107 pilot license exam in order to be fully licensed commercial drone operators. As with NTI, the STEM(a) program at NTMS utilizes seven of the WozEd Career Pathways along with other units of study that align with the Next Gen Learning Standards for NYS.

    Finally at NTHS, students are able to enroll in various STEM(a) electives.