Vote Results

  • Proposition 1: Budget ($79,431,300)
    769 -- Yes (PASS)
    304 -- No

    Proposition 2: Establish Capital Reserve of $1,500,000 for Acquisition of School Buses
    785 -- Yes (APPROVED)
    281 -- No

    BOARD OF EDUCATION (2 seats available)
    Gabrielle Richards: 510
    Colleen Angelhow: 396
    Joseph Marranca: 374
    Stephanie Barmann: 346
    Collin Holycross: 334

Vote Details

  • Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

    Time: Noon - 9 p.m.

    Location: NT Alumni Student Activity Center at the High School
    405-455 Meadow Drive

     Public Hearing on the Proposed Budget: View the presentation.

Budget Fast Facts

    • Total Proposed 2019-20 Budget: $79,431,300
    • Proposed Tax Levy Increase: $274,570
      • 0.96% increase over 2018-19 tax levy of $28,601,055
      • TAX CAP COMPLIANT - BELOW tax cap limit, which is 1.71%
      • New York State Property Tax Relief Credit COMPLIANT (For more information, see basic program details and the 2019 credit amounts)
    • Estimated Impact on Taxes:
      • Estimated increase on a $100,000 household: $22.00
      • Estimated increase on a $100,000 household with STAR: $16.00
      • Estimated increase on a $100,000 household with Enhanced STAR: $9.25


    • PROPOSITION #2 - Establishment of a Capital Improvements Reserve Fund
      • The District has developed a replacement plan to maintain and sustain a District owned fleet. Just like for a large personal purchase of a vehicle in your home budget, this reserve account is essentially the savings account to help fund future purchases of buses. The funds for this reserve will come out of District fund balance to the extent we have available funds up to the limit of $1,500,000. In the end, the District may only have $800,000 in extra fund balance over the next few years to move to this savings account but any funds that can be put away will help in future budgets. The funds used from the reserve to acquire buses will help the District keep future tax levies low because we will be using savings, to the extent we can move fund balance to the reserve, to purchase a portion of the buses in the replacement plan.


    • Noteworthy Capital Expenditures in the Proposed Budget:
      • Transportation: Purchase of a 66-passenger big bus for transporting students as part of home to school services. This vehicle will replace vehicles that will be retired from the current district fleet.
      • $100,000 Aidable Capital Outlay Project (New York State to reimburse 84% of the cost): Construction/reconstruction project to address heating and ventilation systems in school buildings


    • The proposed budget adds the following:
      • Elementary teacher to help with K-3 class sizes
      • Middle School writing program
      • District-wide family support center