Extracurricular Code of Conduct

  • The Extracurricular Code of Conduct is our student-athlete handbook and has been prepared to be used as a reference by our students and their parents/guardians in an effort to define responsibilities as they pertain to the rules and regulations, as well as the policies and procedures for participation in our extracurricular activities. This document is also available on the Family ID website where students register for sports.


    Highlights of the Athletic Code of Conduct
    Before your son/daughter can be considered eligible, they must fulfill the following:
    1. Students must have a Code of Conduct Form on file. The form can be located in the Athletic Code of Conduct document.
    2. Students must meet Academic Eligibility requirements.
    3. If playing sports, have an athletic physical done only by our school's doctor.
    Concussion Information and Procedures
    Concussions, baseline testing and procedures are described.
    Student Expectations
    Students are expected to follow the rules and policies of the school district and athletic department. It is our expectation that all North Tonawanda students involved in extracurricular activities will refrain from:
    • Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages
    • Use or possession of tobacco or tobacco related products
    • Use or possession of illegal drugs
    • Use or possession of prescription drugs for anything other than their intended use
    • Being in the presence of illegal drugs or alcohol
    • Vandalism
    • Stealing or being in possession of stolen property
    • Sexual harassment
    • Hazing
    • Violent/Aggressive behavior
    • Unsportsmanlike behavior including taunting
    • Acts of insubordination/endangering the safety of others
    • Verbal or physical abuse