1. Fitness - Capability of the body of distribution inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort.
    2. Balance - The ability to control or stabilize yourself while moving or staying still.
    3. Effort - This concept defines how the body moves. It consists of two components:  Time (Faster or Slower) Force (Harder or Softer).
    4. Locomotor Skills - Moving the total body to get from one place to another using a walk, run, hop, jump, leap, skip, gallop, or slide of some combination of these.
    5.  Goal - Aim: Something a person wants to achieve.
    6.  Distance - Length of a race or contest.
    7.  Jogging - To go at a slow leisurely run.
    8.  Underhand Throw : The arm motion starts below your waist and the ball is released at the waist level.