•           Homework Policy        

    Copies of the homework are not usually on this site. I can only post items that I design 100% which would make the posting of homework assignments inconsistent. Students may get copies of the homework in my class and I always have extras.
    Homework is not given every night. I am not a big homework fan based on research I have read, but sometimes it is needed. Usually it is a small amount that was not finished in class, the finishing of a project, or studying for a quiz or test. I give sufficient time for most students to finish most of the class work in class.
    To see current assignments, please go to the "Homework" link on my site. Remember, the homework is usually only listed as work not finished in class.
    Do you have trouble with your child completing homework? I would suggest that you have your child bring the work home in their white take home folder to show you anyway. It is too easy for a child to say that they finished it in school! Perhaps tie in a positive consequence for showing it to you as well as a negative one for days missed. Of course from the homework link, you would know when your child truly does NOT have any science homework.
    Other announcements may be on the homework page as well. Although I usually have plans done 2-4 weeks in advance, they are certainly subject to change depending on the students' understanding. Therefore, I only post it 1-3 days at a time and it may change on the actual day if a change is needed (ie. not enough time to complete for most students).  Tests are announced 4-7 days in advance and quizzes are announced 2-5 days beforehand. Projects are announced a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
    If a student is absent, they are expected to turn in any owed work upon their return or to immediately make arrangements with me if more time is needed due to illness or other circumstances. I will not take late work more than 1 day late unless special arrangements are made. I will not usually remind or prompt students to turn in work or to find out what the missed work is once a student returns. A student must assume responsibility for managing their work and a student planner is also crucial for keeping track of assignments!
       My philosophy is that most middle schoolers are not ready to take on sole responsibility for their homework and still need a parent/guardian guiding them to some degree depending on their maturity level to make them accountable and successful. Handing over the total responsibilty of managing homework and expectations to many middle school students can be a disaster. Look to decrease their independence on you for monitoring thier work gradually as they adjust to the major develomental milestones associated with this age group. The Parent Portal and teacher websites provides this feedback for you. Your involvement also signifies the importance of their school work.

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