• The Notebook & Other Books
    I do not assign textbooks for my class. We do occasionally use traditional textbooks in class for class work only.  Therefore, the notebook is crucial as a study aid. 
    All students should have a black, 1.0-2.0 inch, 3-ring binder for science class.
    On most days we will add pages to our notebooks that we will number and add to our Table of Contents section (to see this section, there is a link on this website). The end result is that students have a notebook with only the items that they need to study for quizzes and tests.
    The notebook will be graded the end of each marking period and is equivalent to a test grade (100%).  The notebook grade is a great way for a student who has a difficult time on tests (which are also worth 100 points) to earn a 100 points and thus raise their average. I also let them occassionally use their notebooks for open notebook quizzes which shows the value of a well organized notebook and completed papers. Usually good grades are a result of keeping an organized notebook!
    For an item to count on a notebook check, it must have at least one hole (I hole punch papers for students) inserted in the binder, the page numbered and be 100% complete to count towards the notebook check. I review all assignments and students are allowed to correct or add unknown answers as needed. Papers in pockets in the binder will not count as they are often lost.
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