• Health Curriculum

    Health Education is an important class for each and every middle school student. The topics discussed today will influence their lives tomorrow and thereafter. Therefore, an open line of communication should always be practiced. By working together, teachers, parents, students and the community can help to create a brighter future!

      8th Grade

    ·     Health Wellness: Personal, Social, & Mental health

    ·     Food, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Disease

    ·     Fitness

    ·     First Aid and Emergency Reactions

    ·     Anatomy, Parenting, Reproduction, STD’s, & Abstinence Education

    ·     Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

    ·     Character Education
    7th Grade

    ·       Overall Health and Well-Being

    ·       Body Systems

    ·       Reproductive Systems

    ·       The Life Cycle

    ·       Abstinence Education

    ·       STD’S and HIV/AIDS

    ·       Food and Nutrition

    ·       Exercise and Fitness

    ·       Refusal Skills