• A school-based enterprise to teach students workforce preparedness skills while serving the community.

  • The Lumberjack Loft is a student run store at the high school that:

    1. Sells products made by our students who are in the work-based learning program and working on obtaining a CDOS credential.  Some of the items that were made are t-shirt bags, bracelets, wooden decorative eggs, tree ornaments.  

    2. Provides free clothing and other material aide to any student that needs it. The Lumberjack Loft carries sweaters, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, socks, toiletries and the occasional accessory.

    All items given away in the Lumberjack Loft have been donated by members of the North Tonawanda community. Each item is washed, dried and ironed before being placed in the store. 

    The Lumberjack Loft is an extension of our workbased learning program, Jacks that Care, and Family Resource Center. We are always looking for donations! If you are interested in donating, please fill out our donation form and someone from the Jacks that Care program will reach out to you. 

  • Lumberjack Loft was recently featured on Channel 7 news!

    Watch the video below about our newest program or read the article here