Niagara County K-12 School Survey

  • The North Tonawanda City School District will be partnering with the Niagara County Department of Health (NCDOH) to develop a county-wide plan for COVID-19 testing (screening and diagnostic) for all schools in Niagara County.

    In order to plan effectively, it is necessary that the number of students who are vaccinated, plan to be vaccinated, or are interested in testing is determined. Screening testing will be available to unvaccinated students on a weekly basis at school. Testing will also be available for vaccinated students who are symptomatic or identified as a close contact of a positive case. All testing will be free.

    Please complete the brief questionnaire to assist in developing a schedule that best fits the needs of students and families. The survey should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.

2021-22 School Opening Plan

  • "" North Tonawanda City Schools is committed to ensuring instruction is delivered in-person, five days a week in a safe and secure environment for all. On Aug. 25, 2021, the district's 2021-22 school opening plan was presented during a public Board of Education meeting. The plan was based on NYSED’s August 2021 Health and Safety Guide for the 2021-2022 School Year. You can view the presentation below.

    This opening plan will remain flexible, with adjustments made as necessary while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold. We will continue to collaborate and communicate with surrounding school districts, the Niagara County Department of Health and the school physician to plan for a safe return to school for all people.

    View the NTCSD 2021-22 school opening plan...

Quarantine Flowcharts