• Week of April 6 

    Literature Terms: 

    1stReview your Lit Terms daily: 


    Go through each task in order: 

    • LEARN 
    • WRITE OR MATCH (Pick One) 
    • TEST 


    2ndLit Term Review #2:  

    Click on the Socrative App on your iPad. (It is light blue.)  

    Enter the Room Name: QUINN6925 

    Enter your name (First Name Last Initial: Christina Q) 

    The activity will be there for you to work on.  


    Independent Reading: 

    Continue to read 30 minutes daily. 

    If you have finished a book, choose another book to which you have access. 

    Mrs. LaFever, the school librarian, has generously provided several resources for you, too.  

    In addition to your reading log, I have added a section to OneNote for you to complete (1) response each week. Traditionally, we do this on Monday, but I will leave it up to you on which day you complete your response. Complete one per week.  


    If you do not have access to OneNote, you can create a document in Word.  

    If you create a document in Word,   

    • Save it in OneDrive as: Your Name IR Prompts (Cquinn IR Prompts)  
    • Just add to this one document each week  


    If your technology is failing, complete it on a piece of paper.  


    Reading Response (just like in class):  

    Date: _________  

    Title: _________  

    Author: ________  

    Start Page: _________ End Page: _____________  


    I notice or I wonder….  

    Cite Evidence: (introduce your evidence followed by a comma):  

    Elaborate: Why is this significant to the text?   

    • Introduce with an appropriate transition word and follow it with a comma  
    • 2-3 sentences  




    Date: 10/25  

     Title: The Tattooist of Auschwitz  

     Author: Heather Morris  

     Pages 32-46  


                      I notice that Lale, the protagonist, is a prisoner in the camp Auschwitz and is "lucky" to have the job of Tatowierer. He puts the numbers on the prisoners when they arrive to the camp.In the text Jacob states, “And I will recommend you, my friend, to join me in this special job.”Obviously, Jacob knows that this new job is important. It will keep him safe from the Nazis. However, it also seems that his role in the camp is much more important to the prisoners because as the Tatowierer, he gets special privileges that he uses to help others survive.  




    Keep on expanding your vocabulary. Shoot for 30-45 minutes of practice each week. Break it up in to 2 or 3 - 15-minute sessions to gain the maximum benefits each week.  


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