• parent readers  

    Tips for Parents…

    • Take breaks periodically from schoolwork as needed
    • Do school work in short intervals, and don’t expect too much each day-do what you and your child can
    • Make learning fun and enjoyable, try to be creative 
    • Try to remain calm and encouraging, even when it’s hard
    • Everyday household activities involve a lot of authentic life learning, let children help with daily tasks/chores
    • Try cooking or baking together math and measurement are a big part of these tasks
    • Talk together; oral language and communication skills are developed by talking with family…just chat about anything and everything
    • Time to simply play is important too, play with toys, pretend (make believe), do puzzles, build with Legos, build a fort with blankets or empty boxes, etc. –Take a break from screen time!
    • Get outside whenever possible, fresh air and a bit of exercise are good for us all
    • Write cards and letters to loved ones and friends and actually mail them
    • Read TOGETHER, model the joy of reading to and with your child
    • TRY to have fun together, your children will remember these times always


    THANK YOU for your unwavering support at home!