• Click on the links below to view video mesages/mini-lessons from Mrs. LoganThe videos should automatically download and play.

     3/20/20- Video Message 1-HELLO, etc.

     Video 1

    3/27/20- Video 2-Musical Journal, etc.

    Video 2

    Video 3- Read Aloud w/Writing Extension, etc.

    Video 3

    Video 4- Read Aloud w/Writing Extension and Phonics Word Work 

    Video 4

    Video 5- Art Extension Activity for read aloud above

    Video 5

     Video 6- Phonics Word Study (word endings) with Gus

    Video 6 

    Video 7- Math Lesson/Activity-Plus/Minus 10 or 100 

    Video 7

    Video 8- Read Aloud & Writing Extension/Mini-lesson

    Video 8

    Video 9- Reading Workshop Review Lesson-Tricky Words

    Video 9

    Video 10- Read Aloud & Writing About Reading Extension/Mini-lesson

    Video 10

    Video 11- Writing Workshop Mini-lesson-Intro to opinion writing

    Video 11

    Video 12- Listening Skills/Art/Writing Poetry/Mother's Day

    Video 12

    Video 13- Math Lesson/Activity- Standard Measurement- Inches

    Video 13

    Video 14- Writing Workshop Mini-lesson More on Opinion Writing About Our Reading

    Video 14

    Video 15-Reading Workshop Mini-lesson-Understanding Literary Language

    Video 15

    Video 16-Reading Workshop Strategy Review/Read Aloud

    Video 16

    Video 17-Math Lesson-Measure & Compare (inches, width, length)

    Video 17

    Video 18- Writing Workshop Mini-lesson-Uncovering Our Opinions about Books


    Video 19- Math Lesson- Story Problems about Comparing w/a Smaller Unknown Number

    Video 19

    Video 20- Writing Workshop REVIEW Mini-lesson-Small Moments/Personal Narratives

    Video 20

    Video 21- EOY Musical Journal & SLIDESHOW

    EOY Zoom Slideshow

    Video 22- Special EOY Read Aloud & Goodbye Message

    EOY RA & Goodbye