• March 2020
    Hello Parents/Guardians,
    I know this is a very confusing and overwhelming time for us all, so I wanted to reach out to you. I hope this finds you all doing as well as possible, and that the children are staying calm and happy. I miss them all! This is uncharted territory for us all, so we have to be patient, and learn as we go. Please don't stress about school work at home right now, do what you can each day.
    As most of you know, I have created an email group for us to communicate through at this time of school closure. Please be sure to check the email account you provided to me in the fall, regularly. I'll be in touch often.
    Most information will be on the NTCSD district website. However, I have also added the second grade list of resources/learning activity ideas (from our Spruce grade 2 team) to this "teacher web-page" as well. I'll update this teacher page regularly, as needed. Please see all UPDATE information on the left side of this page.  
    PLEASE be sure to visit both pages (ntschools & this one) for important information and "work"/activities while students are at home often! 
    Please know I am sending you all positive energy, and hope that we will all be just fine! Feel free to contact me via email through the group email, or individually, as needed with any questions or concerns at any time. Thank you for your continued strong support at home.
    P.S.- Tell the kids I'm sending them a great big "virtual high-five!" 
    Stay well, 
    Michelle Logan