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    Second Grade Digital Resources (Online Resources): 

    Visit or click on any of the following links to access online resources.






    Use Username and Password provided by classroom teacher.




    Use Username and Password provided by classroom teacher.



    Pearson Investigations Resources

    Click on:

    Investigations Games



    Science/Social Studies

      Mystery Science




    Science/Social Studies

     Scholastic News

     Password- truckstar8590


    Technology Free Learning Activity Ideas:

    Read all the books you own Read books online

    Read newspapers/magazines

    Read recipes (bake/cook together)


    Remember to: “Stop and Jot” as you read when you need or want to! Writing Keep a daily journal about anything you want (share your day!)

    Write a card or letter to a family member Write a card or letter to a nursing home patient and mail it

    Write a poem Write a personal narrative (small moment story)

    Write a nonfiction book (something you’re an “expert” on or can easily research)

    Write a grocery list or any kind of list

    After reading, write a book review (reader’s response)

    Read and write your SNAP words (at the end of this document) in various creative ways:

    Have fun with your SNAP words!

    • Three times each with different writing utensils

    • Rainbow words

    • Ghost writing (write w/white crayon, then color over it with marker)

    • Bubble letters w/markers or paint

    • Write complete and/or silly sentences using SNAP words

    • Chalk, paint, water, shaving cream, etc.

    Rhyming Practice • Choose words that rhyme and create a list

    (SNAP words are listed in another link on the left of this webpage)