Cooperation: The process of working together, Teamwork!
    Perseverance: Never giving up!
    Empathy: The ability of understanding and sharing the feelings of others.
    Self-Confidence: Believing in Yourself!

    How Does it Work?

    • Every other month one of these Character Traits will be introduced to the students in order to educate them on what these traits actually mean.
    • Every “Wisdom Wednesday” a fact will be reported over the morning announcements on how to best represent these traits.
    • Lessons on these character traits are provided by the School Counselor (Mr. Zon)
    • Teachers, faculty and staff are constantly modeling and instilling these characteristics to the learners at Spruce!
    • One Student from each Classroom is selected for the Character Trait Award!
    • Character Education Assemblies…..


    • Every other month, a school wide Character Education Assembly reminds the students of the Trait at that time
    • From here, student who are selected to receive the Award will be honored on stage
    • Parents/Guardians will be notified if their child is selected. Please make sure to keep this a secret so it will be a surprise!