• United States History and Government

    Mr. Fezer and Miss Fretthold

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    Welcome to United States History and Government! We are looking forward to a productive and successful year together! Throughout the school year, we will be looking at many interesting topics about the development of the United States. Such topics include the Colonial Era, early struggles as a young nation, the Constitution, the American Revolution, the Civil War, World Wars I & II, the Cold War, and current events. This course culminates with the United States History and Government Regents Examination. In order to graduate, it is required that you successfully pass not only the course, but this exam as well. As such, it is critical for students to stay focused on achieving these goals throughout the school year.  

    In order to prepare you for success, you will be participating in a variety of instructional activities this year. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following: class discussions of readings, group work, poster art creations, and discussions of historical images and videos. Our focus for this year will be on developing your ability to analyze and interpret historical events and content. It is important for you to continuously work on this skill in order to prepare you for your Regents Exam in June. During this school year, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to explain the significance of important events and figures by examining a variety of different historical events and arguments. 


    Regents United States History Syllabus


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