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    As a way to improve communication between the district and the community at large, the North Tonawanda City School District has partnered with a public feedback platform called ThoughtExchange. This helps us gather input from members of the community, while engaging people in thought-provoking conversation at the same time.

    Taking the Conversation Online Last school year, our first exchange topic focused on security, while our second topic revolved around food service. This latest topic focuses on parent engagement and communication. The question is:

    "What is working well and what would you like to be different in regards to parent engagement and communication?"

    All of our voices matter, so your participation is crucial and valued. Feedback will be collected from the public during a two-week period - from Wednesday, Sept. 18 through Friday, Oct. 4.

    ThoughtExchange allows you to not only share YOUR thoughts, it also lets you consider and rate the thoughts of OTHER participating stakeholders. PLEASE NOTE: This exchange is CONFIDENTIAL, so your identity will NOT be shared.

    We ask that you remain polite and respectful as you share and rate your thoughts. All thoughts will be reviewed.

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