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    There are 8 strategies that good readers use while reading to increase comprehension
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    Making Connections
       Good readers make connections to what they are reading.  They connect the reading to their own expriences, things in the world, and other stories they have read.  Readers should be thinking, "What does this remind me of?"
    Prior Knowledge
       Good readers think about what they already know about a topic to help improve their understanding.  They should always ask themselves, "What do I already know about this topic?"
    Ask Questions
       Good readers question what they are reading.  Questions can be asked before, during and after reading.  Readers think, "What do I wonder?"
       Good readers use their 5 senses to imagine what is happening in the reading.  What can you see, hear, feel, smell and taste?  "It's like a movie in my head!"
       Good readers combine what they already know with what they learned in the reading to come to a conclusion or make predictions. "Read between the lines!"
    Determine what is Important
       Good readers can pull out the information that is of most value.  "The text was mostly about..."
       Good readers can retell the main details of a story in only a few sentences.
       Good readers can go beyond the text and combine their own knowledge with the reading to create something new.