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     Counselor’s Corner

    2018-2019 School Year


    It has been a wonderful and empowering year so far!  In addition to students receiving support individually and in groups, it’s been a pleasure to work with ALL of the students while I am teaching them and encouraging positive character traits.  At the same time, I continue to reinforce the RULER concepts and strategies they learned over the last few years.. 

     The positive character traits, which are being taught, encouraged, and celebrated this year, include:


    October: Kindness               

    November: Kindness

    December: Respect             

    January: Respect                                                  

    February: Doing One's Best         

    March: Doing One's Best

    April: Honesty                                                                                                

    May: Honesty

    June:  RULER Lessons for Kindergarten                              


    As we settle into and continue this school year, we can focus on helping to support, spending quality time with, and  reinforcing the positive character traits above with your student/s. 

    june board


    During National Career Week (March 4th - 8th, 2019),  NT Elementary School students experience a Reach for the Stars Career Awareness Week.  During this week, students participate in activities and discussions which included displaying their dream jobs, scavenger hunts, inspirational quotes, and wearing themed clothing to promote good school attendance, out of this world futures, and higher education.  These activities help get students excited about their promising and amazing futures. 


    Dream Job


    Wishing everyone a successful and fulfilling 2018-2019 school year! 

    Nathan Schelble