• HOMEWORK TIPSHomework Hotline 807-3720

    Please call 807-3720 and follow the prompts to hear homework assignments for your child’s team.



    Homework is a fact of life in middle school and one that continues throughout their school career. Students should use their planners daily to keep track of their homework assignments. The planner should come home nightly, along with any homework. Each team suggests a different method to organize homework materials, whether it is a binder or a homework folder. Students should get in the habit of bringing this home nightly, even if the homework is completed. This is a way for parents to check that homework is done and also for parents to stay in touch with what is happening in the classrooms.


    It is very important that the child have this routine of bringing these items home nightly. If your child fails to bring necessary items home, you may return to the school to retrieve them. After 3:30 p.m. you need to enter through our back receiving doors by knocking and wait for a custodian to admit you. (The child must be accompanied by an adult.)


    Call the Homework Hotline at 807-3720 to hear your child’s nightly assignments. The Hotline should be updated for the day by 3 p.m. You need to know the team your child is on, and then follow the recorded prompts for that team.


    Set Up a Homework Area

    Each child should have a set time and place to complete homework and do this consistently. If all homework is finished, they may use that time to organize notebooks, review notes or flashcards or do some leisure reading. If a child has trouble completing homework, they should see their teacher in the morning during homeroom for help or clarification.

    Ways to Help your Child with HomeworkSet up a quiet homework area 

    • Have your child bring ALL homework home EVERY night, even if it is already done!

    • Provide a quiet, well-lit place for homework to be completed. For some kids their bedroom is the WORST place to work. Some children still need an adult to supervise the completion of homework.

    • Provide time each evening for homework. It is not unusual for middle school students to have an hour or more of homework each night. If a child does NOT have written assignments, THEN the time can be used to organize his/her notebook, review class notes, practice vocabulary, prepare for upcoming tests or read a book.

    • Use the homework hotline (807-3720) to check that all assignments are written in the planner.

    • Check that ALL assignments are completed.

    • You can bring your child BACK TO SCHOOL to pick up forgotten materials. Go to the RECEIVING ROOM DOOR at the back of the building and knock. Adults must accompany students.